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Principal Workplace provides you with the a flexible employee management system, yet for a price starting from totally free and remaining the most competitive as you scale!

You can perform almost any task regarding your employees, view and manage their job, department, positions, reporting line, competencies...
You name it, Principal Workplace got you covered.


Skill Management

Your view of Competencies and Job requirements no longer needs to be subjective. Build your own Competency Framework, set the skills required for each job in your organization, and the level for each skill. This enables you to identify the employees covered skills for their assigned jobs during the evaluation and promotion processes.

Skill analytics are available at the level of employee, job or department through graphs in the most elegant way.

1 2 3 4 5 LeadershipLeadership Logical Thinkin...Logical Thinking Communication S...Communication Skills Personal Develo...Personal Development Job SkillsJob Skills Transferable Co...Transferable Competencies Employee Assessment Position Required Skills Employee Assessment 3 4 3 3 4 4 Position Required Skills 4 4 4 4 3 3

Organization Structure

The organization structure represents the hierarchy of your organization with departments and sub-departments.
Subordination in the structure influences many intranet functions: to whom reports are sent, who can delegate tasks to whom, etc.

Department heads can see all the tasks of their subordinates

Talent Management 10.4%
of employees
Departement Details
Name: Talent Management
No of Employee: 104
Position Details
Name: System Manager
No of Employee: 9

Workflow Automation

Workflow module in Principal Workplace lets you automate workflows, such as Leave Approvals, Business Trips, General Requests, Purchase Requests and Expense Reports.

These are included in the Workflow module, don’t require setup and are available free of charge.
More over, you can modify them, if necessary, or create custom workflows from scratch using visual Workflow designer and Form builder.

Employee Engagement

Want a more engaged and proactive workforce? There are a number of employee engagement tools that come with your company portal.

When your employees log into Principal Workplace for the first time, they will instantly recognize the activity stream and social timeline interface much like what they have grown accustomed to when using Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.
The online Chat can significantly reduce the unnecessary round trips for face to face communication enhances the day to day job coordination, and increases productivity.

User Image
Erika Mcgorry Sep 11 11:22 PM
Hi team, I’m happy to welcome you all to our department’s social media outreach project. We’ve got a great team set up, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we accomplish together.
Please join me on Friday, January 29, for a kick-off meeting at 10 a.m. We’ll meet in the third-floor conference room for about two hours. Water and light refreshments will be provided.
Thank you all,

Access Permission

Employees only see that information which they are permitted to see. Principal Workplace has a most flexible Role structure, either Roles that you may define and assign members to, or Roles that represent the Organizational structure, or Roles representing work relations like Managers and Subordinates.

Principal Workplace lets you determine what actions each Role can perform and what information they have access to.

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