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How to brand Principal Workplcae as your own Digital WorkPlace.

Principal Workplace branding application allows you to establish your own organization identity, this is very important for your organization staff and other business partners who collaborate with them through Principal Workplace platform. It is important to note that Branding app is not totally free as most of the other applications available on the platform, the current subscription fee for Branding is 5 US$/month. However if you don't renew the subscription all the features will remain avaialible except for the logo placement. 

1. First you need to install the Blog app:

  • after the first month you will be notified to subscribe to the branding app
  • click on your profile image then click on Account
  • from account apps install the branding app


2. For placing your logo, click on quick menu and select 'Branding'


  • click on the quick menu icon last icon on the navbar
  • and click on 'Branding'


3. Placing your logo

  • click on logo on the side-menu
  • click on change


4. Setting up your theme

  • click on Theme on the side-menu
  • select your theme

5. Editing your site pages

  • click on 'Public Site' on the side-menu
  • click add '+' to add new page
  • click edit to edit existing page

For more on setting up your digital presense visit this blog post


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